(HOP) Homework Outreach Program

 In 2002, teachers, administrators and local assistance organizations decided to initiate a homework outreach program (HOP).  There were a large number of students that seemed to do okay at school, but never followed up at home on assignments.  Missing homework led to poor grades, poor performance and the danger of staying back.  At risk were bright kids who needed additional support.  The program provided a morning and afternoon session of extra help with kids who were in danger of staying back.

 -In five years no child who attended HOP regularly stayed back.

 -In addition, we have been very proud to have several children go from being in danger of staying back to the HONOR ROLL!


Summer Camp

After the success of HOP, the designers of the program wanted to find a way to provide the same positive support over the summer vacation.  JumpStart was created as a non Profit for this purpose.  The tuition free camp provides 20 area children (most of whom could not afford a camp) with this opportunity.  For five weeks.  Kids in need have a fun place to go with supportive adults providing educational, physical fitness and social assistance. Campers need to be 7 or turning 7 years of age during the summer in order to participate.


Therapeutic Arts / Social Skills Group

Theme-based approach:  anger mgmt., conflict skills, relaxation skills, friendship skills, boundary skills, and mood skills: identifying outside stressors to reduce stress. (there are 6.)

The benefits of each art project:  Art therapy provides expression without words, and has been proven to promote emotional healing. Some of the many benefits include:  spontaneous expression, choices, control of the project for self-esteem, relaxed, and meditative state during the exercise distracts and provides accomplishment, explores creativity, reduces pain, provides a sense of freedom, and is pleasing, as well as an outlet for non-judgmental expression.  Music will be played during each session; music is an integral part of the creative process, and directly affects the biomedical reactions—cortisol, stress, hormones, endorphins, and social/emotional processes of the brain. Music is great for anxiety, amongst other uses.


After School Enrichment Programs:

Healthy Choices for Mind, Body and Meals Program
The after school Healthy Choices program entails activities which focus on relaxation, activity, and healthy foods. The relaxation portion of the program will include focused breathing, guided imagery, meditation, and light yoga body movements.  These are excellent, free, anytime methods of self-managing stress and focus levels. The food portion of the program is essential as well, as once again, the choices we make regarding what we consume have a direct effect on mind body association. Healthy food examples will be provided for each class.

Let’s Get To Work Program
     -- Job application completion
     -- Resume development
     -- Interview skills
     -- Job search skills using Internet, newspapers, community contacts
     -- On-the-job expectations, demeanor, and coping skills
    -- School-to-Career resources
     -- Job Site Tours, Job-Shadowing, Guest Speakers
     -- Outreach by Program Directors to develop job opportunities
for program participants